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CSR Initiatives

CSR Initiatives

At Alde Group of Companies, all our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives focus on improving the quality of life of underprivileged communities along with their health, education, employability, and environment. The sudden lockdown has resulted in the loss of their income. In normal times, the underprivileged community still lack access to basic entitlements like health, education, land rights and other entitlements. Upon that, every crisis has brought about a double blow to their survival and other risks related to health, hygiene, livelihood and other issues. To make people more aware and bridging the gap between need and availability of services. We collaborated with various teams to improve the human rights spectrum at all levels, meaning from an individual up to the system at local and central government institutions for a sustainable change in society.

We have also joined hands with Manas Seva sansthan, a non-profit organization established in 1988, working in North India with a mission to ensure socio-economic development of the poor and disadvantaged resembling vulnerable women and children devoid of basic rights through the community.

Our Alde Team took the initiative of working as an advisory body with a fully functional team of healthcare workers to treat, manage, and combat the pandemic. Wherein we ensured the availability of proper medications as well as timely diagnosis. We are on a mission to spread awareness for a healthier life and bouncing forward to a new normal while ensuring the wellbeing of all, especially children.

Udaaya means a new beginning, a new normal. At Alde, we believe that awareness is the first step towards preventing the spread of any disease. It is an initiative specially designed to partner with a team of clinicians to bring awareness in important therapy areas like:

  • Infections – Paediatrician in Schools (ways of combating Covid-19)
  • Gut health – GI/Phy/Clinicians
  • Women’s Health – Gynaec/Ortho

Udaaya as an initiative will work as an advisory body with a fully functional team of healthcare workers to treat, manage, and combat the diseases at all times along with spreading positivity.